RV Inbetweeners starting Tuesday 18th April at 7.45pm

Have you recently lost your confidence in running? Have you completed the RV Beginner's course in the past but haven't managed to get to any of the running groups because life just got in the way? Are you coming back from injury and have been told to run/walk for a short period of time until you regain your strength?

RV Inbetweeners is piloting a new 8 week course aimed at getting runner's who may be feeling a little bit unsure about their running ability.  RunVerity prides itself on being a safe, inclusive running community where nobody is ever left behind.  The support and camaraderie amongst RunVerity members has enabled runners of all a abilities to achieve ther running goals that may have been hard to achieve on their own. 

But I also understand that running is not easy and there are plenty of barriers that can get in the way.  That's why RunVerity are offering another safe and supportive stepping stone that can help runners build confidence in their own ability and see for themselves that actually they are good enough, because at RunVerity we believe that you are good enough.