Celebrating Success at Eastleigh 10k with RV members.

Why RV?

Each hour long RV session includes warm ups and running technique drills, as a running coach I observe any technical faults that runners may have, I encourage good running form, assess ability and support next steps in your running journey.   I can assess you as an individaul and develop a relationship with you that helps you to succeed.  RV also provides a structured and progressive training environment that meets the needs of a wide range of abilities, we have runners who complete a 5k in 19 mins who train with runners who run a 5k in 47 mins. Being a member of RV allows you to have access to training plans, we have runners who are taking part in marathons, half marathons, 10ks and weekly park runs, race prep info as well as weekly articles that support all aspects of running.  All of this in a friendly and supportive running environment, we never say anything to another runner that will put them down.  

How do we know it all works?  90% of the runners who ran Stubbington 10k in January and who ran Eastleigh 10k last week all achieved a PB of over 2 mins!  One runner took 15 minutes off her Eastleigh 10k time from last year. The coaching works, not over night or even in 6 weeks, but over a period of time as you are supported and encouraged to reach your goals.

Emily at Eastleigh 10k 2016 and Eastleigh 10k 2017, 15 mins off her time within a year.