Achievements all round

RV member's really supassed themselves this weekend, we had a great turnout at local parkruns with some great PB's, a member running Hell Runner and then of course Gosport Half marathon which was absoluteley amazing.  What made the weekend remarkable? For me personally it was watching members achieve goals that they never thought would be possible, from their first parkrun to their first half marathon.  Both distances deserve respect and are equally hard to train for, remembering to keep focused and concentrate on running skills that have been taught over the course of any training programme is hard when you are put under pressurised conditions.  The photographs show the sheer joy of RV members taking part in this local event, some have only been running since the May beginner's course but with the right coaching, support and advice everyone achieved what they set out to achieve, Fiona knocked off 18 minutes from her previous half marathon time which is incredible.  I have watched members turn up to training sessions in the wind and the rain over the last few months, feeling tired, cold and wet but determined to follow their plan, I have seen members' posts pinging their way onto our FB group at 6.30am in the morning letting us know they had finished their long run having been running since 5am.  Battling with the nerves as members' tapered for the first time, unsure if what they were feeling was "normal", all of this behind the scenes dedication makes the success of the weekend's running that much sweeter.

We are all in this together, we support each other and the joy of belonging to RunVerity is the kindest that we show one another, newly fledged graduates from the beginner's courses tentatively join the main running groups and experienced runners share their passion and enthusiasm for the sport.  We can all remember our first run and that's why we all wait, cheer, support and encourage until everyone has passed the finish line.  That's just what we do :)