How we went from 5k to half marathon

Lisa's Journey

"After achieving the success of running 5k regularly but not necessarily any faster, my running partner and I decided to venture into further distances, someone may have mentioned it helped improve your speed. Completing a couple of 10k runs after increasing our distances slowly in the build up gave us the boost to feel we could achieve any distance if we put in the training. So it began, we signed up for the Great South run, I mentioned to someone I would like to complete a half marathon in the next few years and they suggested that it would be sensible to tag it on to the GSR as the extra distance would not be so mammoth if added on rather than a fresh training plan. Advice followed, the Gosport half was duly booked and Verity kindly provided us with a training plan for both the GSR and half marathon which we combined. Three runs a week began in earnest. We have learnt a lot about our preferred runs, we are better earlier in the morning so have our longer runs then. We have discovered there are three types of runs, those for speed, these would be the shorter ones where we feel more pressure to keep running, like park runs. Training runs where the aim is to cover the distance, no shame in walking especially on new longer distances and some tricky hills. Linked with distance runs are the psychological runs, if the route or furthest point to be run to sounds like a long way from the start, the run will feel longer and harder. For these runs we try and run on 'loopy' routes that cover the distance but don't actually go very far out of area. Runs that take us out of area are best achieved as from the starting point to a finish and get a lift home. We continue to try new things while training like, taking drinks, eating sugary sweets and planning routes with toilets. We are getting there and enjoying our running while we do so. Most essential part is having a running buddy you can chat to for hours on end."

Petra and Lisa.jpg

Petra's Journey

"Last year I plucked up the courage to join Run Verity with the hope of being able to just complete a Park Run. I laughed when people started saying "you'll be signing up for 5k & 10k runs soon". Well, I was well and truly bitten by the running bug & I did start signing up for the bigger runs just to see if I could do it. It has been hard work increasing the distance, but achievable with the support of my running buddy & our running group. We have now signed up for a half marathon & the training is going well. For us, long training runs are best done early morning & as the distance has increased we have introduced sweets for energy & are learning to carry a drink. My friend is great at planning lots of different routes to make it interesting.
I've never felt proud of myself, until I started crossing finish lines. It's hard work, but the sense of achievement, happiness & more importantly the great friends that I've made has been worth every footstep"