We've been talking to RV members again.......

We've been asking RV members to talk about their past experiences of sport when they were at school.

Here's Graham's story

At my school, football and rugby were king, and if you didnt excell at these, which i didnt you weren't offered much alternative.

I remember once in the early summer, our PE class being told to run 1 mile. Nothing about pace or running style, nothing about breathing or cadence, just run. I remember sprinting the first lap or two, being exhausted and spent on the third lap, and walking to the finish line. clearly I didnt stand out, and didnt run again until my 30's.

Amazing how the wrong teacher with no passion can really turn you off from something you may actually enjoy or be good at. I have since found that the Wright teacher can have the opposite effect.

Graham now runs a sub 20 min 5k, a sub 40 min 10k and is training for London marathon and his is now aged 45.