PRESS RELEASE 24th December 2016

Festive Fitness - How to stay in shape despite the seasonal excess

Most important thing is to have fun

The News writes

"Verity Wright, a running coach, is the brains behind Whiteley based running club RunVerity, which is home to amatueru and experience runners across the area.  She says that the key to beating that Christmas belly once the partying is over is to lace up your running shoes.  But don't do it alone and make sure you have fun.

"I think the first step should always be to go and take it steady, don't push yourself and make sure you have fun.  I can't tell you how many times I've heard from runners when they say that they couldn't stick with it because they were bored or it got too tough.  You need to find someone or a club to run with, find someone to talk to whild running and watch yourself really put the miles behind you.  It helps keep you motivated and you feel a bit more relaxed about it.  Set yourself some goals or targets to hit by certain periods and make sure you don't loose heart.  The most important thing though is to have fun.  Running should be fun and I think it is really one of the best ways to get fit after Christmas feasts"