Training for the GSR reaches it's peak

Another brilliant weekend of running for RunVerity members, Park Runs, off road runs, half marathons, 10k's and 8 milers! Our first runner in the Pieces of Eight came 12th overall which is just testament to the coaching and support we offer.

The running support and community spirit that is within our group is fantastic;  one RunVerity member who completed her first Pieces of Eight run in Southsea sent me a message "RunVerity is not just a run a week, it's so much more than "just a run" and it's days like today that you realise it.  You get bespoke coaching and therapy, not to mention all that group support, friendship and camaraderie.  As I approached the finish the lovely RV lot were just standing there rooting for me, this is something very special and unique"

If you would like to be part of this running group community just email me or give me a call on 07725 887918.