There are many barriers as to why people do not exercise and I spend a huge proportion of my job as a running coach trying to break down these barriers. Most of the time it works and I watch people achieve things that they never thought would be possible.

I asked RunVerity members what they’d wish they’d known when they first started running…here’s some of their answers

That the first 5 minutes would always be hard and my breathing would settle and I didn’t need to stop
It’s harder then you think but soooo worth it
It’s not all about the time, it’s the fact that you are out there doing it.
That my body is more awesome than I thought and it CAN!
that you don’t have to be a fast or long distance runner to enjoy running, just enjoy getting out there
To not be afraid and to have understood that running is for everyone, not just the elite superfit!
That it’s ok to be slow, and it’s ok to walk when you need to, and that you will always be supported no matter your speed
That all race photographers would agree amongst themselves to delete any good photos of me, and only upload the ones where I look like I’m not moving at all, or i’m about to be sick.


Survey Results

As a Psychologist I enjoy collecting data to check on the progress of RunVerity as a business and to ensure I am delivering a good service to my members'. This week I conducted a survey of RunVerity member’s experience of the “graduation parkrun” that happen after the 8 week RunVerity Beginner’s Running course. When I first started coaching at Stubbington Green Runners 8 years ago, parkruns were few and far between and they weren’t as busy as they are now. It was something that I brought in so that runners could have a measurable marker of how far they had come during the course; now our local parkruns are seeing numbers of over 400 each week. My survey collected a mixture of quantative and qualitative data and here are the results.

The quantative data can be accessed via the link below

Graduation parkrun

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And the Qualitative data responses are here

Themes from parkrun survey –


Q4 How did you find the whole experience of parkrun once you had completed it. 80 people responded to this question.


The main theme that came out of this question was that the RunVerity support was amazing and made a difference to the whole experience.


Here are the other themes that ran through the answers

  • Parkrun support was brilliant.

  • Enjoyed it

  • Sense of achievement

  • Would do it again

  • Great atmosphere

  • Well organized and welcoming

  • Loved it

  • Some inconsiderate runners

  • Harder than I thought

  • Would not go without RunVerity support

  • Overwhelming, didn’t really enjoy it

  • Fast runners were daunting

  • Nearly/did get knocked over·     

  • Conscious of being too slow

  • Busy

  • Not keen on turning up on my own with no RunVerity support


Q6 Any other comments regarding your parkrun experience. 42 people responded to this question


The main theme is that the majority of you love parkruns, however some people don’t due to feeling the pressure of a “race” due to timings and that some of the venues are busy with competitive runners and serious athletes.


Here are the other themes that ran through the answers

·      The friendliest and welcoming atmosphere enables you to be more confident for future parkruns

·      Love parkruns

·      Great having so many around the country/world

·      Very busy

·      Love the camaraderie

·      Some runners are too focused on times making slower runners feel uncomfortable

·      So many serious athletes

Thank you to everyone who took time out to complete the survey, I do appreciate it