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Welcome to Week 2 

Congratulations for completing week 2.

Many runners lace up their running shoes and head out the door saying they don't have time for a warm up but warm ups let your body gradually prepare for exercise.

Warm ups are essential as they let your body gradually adjust and prepare for the harder work to come which will in turn make running easier.  Warming up allows the heart and breathing rates to gradually make the transition from normal resting state to vigorous exercies, which will increase blood flow to the heart, bring oxygen and blood to the muscles and raise your body tempreture.  The warm up improves your muscle efficiency, improves balance and co-ordination as well as enabling you to become more flexible.  So a good warm up helps prevent muscle strains, as well as preventing the damage to muscles that can cause muscle soreness.  All of this means you will recover more quickly from your running and your muscle tiredness will be reduced. Below is the usual RV warm up so try and do this before you head out of the door.

The cool down is equally as important as the warm up and it is very tempting to miss this as well as you head back through your front door to recover.  Your body needs to cool down and recover so the cool down is the warm up in reverse and is just as important.  If you stop running abruptly this may cause cramps, soreness, dizziness or an abnormal strain to your hears.  So the purpose the of the cool down is to help your body return to it's pre-exercise state.  Cooling down helps your heart rate and breathing return to normal and again will minimise the muscle soreness and tightness.  

Get good shoes. Your goal should be to find a shoe that offers the best support and fit for you and you should replace your shoes every 300-500 miles so note the date that you bought your shoes and my advice would be to always visit a specialist running shop.

The most important investment any runner makes is a good pair of running shoes.  See them as an essential training tool and not just as a piece of equipment

Each foot strikes the ground about 800 times per mile and hitting the ground with the force of about eight times your body weight! Getting the right trainer can make the difference between running well or not running at all.  Running trainers protect the feet from the envirnonment, cushions the impact and stabilses the foot.  As we are all unique and every runner's foot shape is different, it is really important to get your trainers fitted by a specialised running shop.  Saying that most runners do fit into one of three general types; neutral, overpronator and underpronator and a running shop will be able to advise you on the bes shoe for your running type.  They do this by recording where your foot lands whilst running on a treadmill, so nothing too scary.  Take your time making your selection and invest in the best shoes you can find and can afford, look to pay about £100, if you buy cheap you may pay for it in the long term and if you want to keep on running you need to invest in yourself.  You are looking for 5 basic things, flexibility, cushioning durability, motion control and comfort, please do not worry about colour or brands.  Most running shops offer 10% discount if you say you run with RunVerity.  

I would also invest in a good pair of running socks, again aim to spend about £10 on these as they have great cushioning which helps protect and cushion when you run. As for running clothes, just stick to what is comfortable, you don't need to go and spend a fortune on the latest gear, a base layer, t-shirt and a pair of running leggings are fine.  For ladies another good investment is a bra, when I first started out I had not got a clue and wore 2 normal bras and I remember being laughed at by 2 girls on the starting line of the Great North Run.  I didn't realise there were even sports bras!  Anyway a good make is Shock Absorber and Freya, again a running shop will have these brands, and try different sizes of bra on in the shop.

Here is a link to my clothing http://justalittlebit.co.uk/run-verity-shop all of the clothing has the letters RV on the front and Let's Run Together on the back.

And these are the local running shops in the area Alexandra Sports in Portsmouth, Alton Sport in Gosport

Homework Week 2

RunVerity Session 2 was 60 secs of running to start off with then 60 secs walking.  We increased to 90 secs  running with 60 secs walking and then built up to 2 mins.

To warm up walk briskly to increase the heart rate.  Relax and slow down; walk before your breathing becomes too rapid as I showed you last night.

Head out of the front door and travel for 10 mins, walk/run when you want before turning round and coming back