Runner’s Fuel Sample menu

The following sample menu gives you an idea of what you can eat in a "normal" training week, it is only a sample, there are lots of recipes in the previous article and ideas on what you can snack on so have a go at mixing it up a bit if you don't fancy my suggestions.  I would love to hear some feedback and if you find this useful then I can do more.

Week 1


Breakfast                    3 scrambled eggs with 1 wholemeal pitta bread

Mid Morning               Choose one from the snack list

Lunch                           Salmon Wrap

Mid Afternoon             Banana and peanut butter sandwich                                   

Evening Meal              Feta and Sweet Potatoe



Breakfast                    Stewed fruit and yogurt, honey to taste

Mid Morning               Choose one from the snack list

Lunch                           Prawn and Orange Salad

Mid Afternoon             Oat cakes with peanut butter or hummus

Evening Meal                 Mediterranean Chicken



Breakfast                    Breakfast shake with a fruit of your choice

Mid Morning               Choose one from the snack list

Lunch                           Chicken wrap

Mid Afternoon             Chopped apple with almonds or nut of your choice

Evening Meal              Italian-Style Beef Stew



Breakfast                    Porridge

Mid Morning               Apple and nuts

Lunch                           Orange Beef Sandwich

Mid Afternoon            2 x Rice Cakes with hummus or peanut butter

Evening Meal              Roasted spicey sweet potato and halloumi bake



Breakfast                    Summer Fruit Smoothie

Mid Morning               Banana and peanut butter sandwich

Lunch                           Smoked salmon and rocket sandwich

Mid Afternoon             Dried Fruit and nut

Evening Meal              Sweet potato and lentil Curry



Breakfast                    2 eggs with a wholemeal bagel

Mid Morning               Oatcakes and peanut butter or hummus

Lunch                           Advocado and Feta Toasts

Mid Afternoon             Banana

Evening Meal              Gazpacho Chicken Salad



Breakfast                    Porridge

Post run                       Mocha Shake

Lunch                           Baked Sweet Potatoes and Beans

Mid Afternnon             Pitta chips and cottage cheese

Evening Meal              Roasted Ratatouille Chicken