Run for 60 Week 8

So here we are on week 8 of Run for 60.  Life may have got in the way and you may have not made it to training and it might have been hard to find the incentive to keep on going especially if you have just lost your mojo and can’t get your head around focusing on this new goal. Finding your motivation to get out and run especially when you have finished work and the last thing you want to do is leave your cosy front room, it’s easy to put the run off. Running is hard and it’s difficult developing mental toughness, you remember the feeling of finishing a run when the hardest thing to do is just put your trainers but running with friends can give you an incredible confidence boost which you can build upon and this will help you get out there again next time. So here are my running tips for starting to enjoy running again.

1 Have fun. If you don’t have fun running you won’t stick with it. Do the majority of your runs at a relaxed pace and enjoy life around you, tune out or just chat but make sure escape the daily pressures. My main piece of advice, don’t make running another stress in your life, if you do you could burn out and running won’t be fun anymore. Run without your watch, you’ll be surprised how relaxing it is.

2 Register for races. Having a goal is a great way to motivate yourself, sign up to a couple that you know other people are doing, or do a different park run. Make the races achievable and reachable but adjust your goals if life gets in the way (See point 1).

3 Remind yourself of the health benefits. Why did you start running in the first place, was it to improve fitness, loose weight, feel good about yourself. Remind yourself of how far you have come from when you first starting running and every time you get out and run you reinforce that positive behaviour which in turn helps to achieve your goal. Remember those feelings of personal achievement and pleasure when you completed your first 5k from the beginner’s group, keep those feelings in sight.

4 Prepare your clothing before you come home from work. Have everything ready to go so you don not need to spend anytime preparing or even thing about what you need. The same goes with preparing what you are going to eat in the day so that you don’t get tempted to have a large meal when you get in as you are so hungry.

5 Invest in the right running clothes for running . Having the right clothing is as the seasons change is essential, so invest in the right clothing and it will make getting out so much more bearable.

6 Plan rewards. Plan some rewards for yourself, short term and long term, this could be massages, pedicures, manicures, buying new clothes. Anything that works for you, remember running is hard but it’s also meant to be fun, remember the benefits are so rewarding and in my opinion so worth the effort. x