The Hay is in the Barn

There are only a couple of weeks before our some  big RV outings, Bournemouth, Pieces of 8 and of course the GSR. I know some of you are feeling nervous and believe me nerves are normal and part of the process. Sometimes it’s about how we manage those nerves, you may have been injured and are worrying about how you will do on race day as you don’t want to be injured again and not be able to run again if you push yourself too far. Your training may not have gone to plan because life has got in the way.  You may have had a rubbish run in the last few days and thought how am I ever going to run 8/10/13/26 miles!. Whatever you are feeling nervous are about, remember, it’s how you deal with these nerves and stress that paves your running journey, you may have to adjust your expectationsm, you don't have to prove anything to anyone, it's your journey and hopefully you have learnt a lot along the way. For instance did you ever think you would be able to run 6/8/10/13/20 miles ever and enjoy it? Have you enjoyed the structure of the training and seeing how far your body will go, don't you just love your body and what it can achieve? Wasn't it great fun all running together? Seeing all the multi-coloured tshirts running along on a Sunday morning, isn't it great to share this experience with others and feel less isolated, people sharing experiences brings us closer together.  My words of advice to you now is there are no more miles that will make a difference to your race so make sure you don’t do anything stupid to risk not making the start line, don’t chase the miles.

Your reduction in miles in these coming weeks mean that you should feel fresh ahead of your race and even if you feel strong, don’t be tempted to do any more than you should, ease off as you are nearly there. You may even feel rubbish as you reduce your miles and I bet you are all questioning your ability as to whether you will actually be able to run the race, but this is normal as your body is preparing for the goal as it stores up all of your energy, you are a thoroughbred horse disguised as a plow horse whilst you are tapering, you can take your disguise off on the start line.

Because the hay is in the barn,(I like this northern phrase)  my advice over the next few weeks is

Take off your watch, it is relaxng to run with no time goals or restraints, just run as you feel

Drink plenty of water

Eat well and sleep well (recipes to follow)

Prepare yourself for the physical and mental challenge that awaits you, respect the miles, do your best. If you don’t achieve your goal, don’t worry, failure is also good, it teaches us that it’s ok to fail and it’s ok to get back out there and try again, my super-strength is my tenacity and dogmatic nature, I just never give up!

Adjust your goals, if you don’t feel up to the challenge then that is ok, if your training has been hampered by injury, lack of time or family commitments then just think positively about being able to run and be part of a magical carnival with people cheering you on with enthusiasm and admiration.

Whatever you do and how ever you do it, the key to keeping motivated is to keeping running fun :)