Run for 60 Week 1

Starting out and thinking bigger than before

For those of you who would like to increase your distance from a 5k run to trying the challenge of a 10k, I have uploaded an 8 week plan which fits in nicely with the New Forest 10k run on the 10th September.  This event is brilliant as there are many different distances and it is our September race of the month.  If you are able to run two or three miles without walking then you are ready to start building on your endurance so that you can go longer distances without feeling like you are going to die.

You may be feeling a bit down in the dumps about your running as there will be certain points in your running journey that as have made huge gains in the past your fitness will level off, you simply can't achieve a PB on every run.  When you first start running every run was an achievement, you reached a goal every time you ran for longer and further but at some point these gains are going to be harder to achieve.  This is when you can start thinking about long term goals to work towards so that even the short easy runs are small steps to achieving the bigger picture of your new goal.