Run for 60 Week 4

Work/Life Balance and Running

As you start to build up your miles and get into good habits of running a couple of times a week, sometimes life gets in the way of running! Running well requires a balance with the rest of your life and what goes on around you can have an effect on your running just as running can have an effect on your life.

Find a time to run that works for you, pick a time that makes it easy for you to head out of the door, putting your trainers on as we all know is the hardest part at times.

How to overcome common barriers to running

If you usually run in the morning but you've been struggling to get out and just want to roll over and go back to sleep this may be because your body temperature and heart rate dip around pre-dawn so it is harder to be active.  Try getting all your running gear ready the night before, have it all laid out waiting for you so that you don't have to hunt around for your sports bra or socks, this can give you just the excuse you need not to make it out of the door.  What you eat the night before can also have an effect on how you feel, so make sure you have low GI food the night before so that you have enough energy to run and have a cup of tea or coffee just after you wake up as this will give you a boost as well.

If you usually run later on in the day you may talk yourself out of your run because you feel exhausted, but don't confuse mental fatique with physical fatigue.  Help yourself overcome this hurdle by packing your running gear ready to get changed at work, this will make it easier to just go for your run, even if you pop home before you head out of the door.  A protein bar, banana or a handful of nuts will help you feel a bit more energised so make sure you pack this in your sports bag as well.

You want to stop mid run...

On a run that’s longer than 90 minutes, it could be a fuel issue, as you run out of carbohydrates the body burns fat as fuel and this can make you feel sluggish as it's harder to convert into energy.  Make sure you take something with you if you are running for longer than 90 mins, either some jelly babies, a sports gel or even a bit of flapjack.  This will give you energy to keep going and make you feel more energised.  

Run with friends, if you run with a group like RunVerity, this can make all the difference in overcoming a lot of running barriers, arranging to meet someone makes it hard to break off that committment.  When the going gets tough, talking and listening makes the run go even quicker and you won't even notice the miles being ticked off!