RunVerity Running Club

If you are already a runner and would like to try a running club with a group of like minded people then come along to RunVerity.  We are a unique independent running club that focus's on you as a person.  As a female running coach I provide quality coaching that gives you the confidence and the skills to become a better runner and to be part of a team. We are a lovely community to be a part of; no one gets left behind because of the looping system that we use, run as slow or fast as you like, everyone gets a turn to be at the front, middle and back. At RunVerity you can be a runner in the body that you have right now, if you run you are a runner, it’s as simple as that. We have sessions that literally cater for everyone, we hold regular workshops on everything running related from Nutrition to How to Improve Your Performance.

I enable you to master the foundations of running which ensures you enjoy longevity in your running; poor running technique can lead to injury so if you understand the fundamentals of running you can understand the factors that can effect performance and improve on this.
— Verity

At RunVerity you are coached in all aspects of running fitness regardless of your ability, you not only learn the physical skills needed to run but also the mental toughness that improves your performance. Our membership is open to all ages and all abilities; no one is ever left behind or put in a situation where they may fail. Membership to RunVerity gives you the opportunity to access over 10 coached running sessions per week in Fareham and Whiteley, pick and choose which ones you attend ranging from open running sessions to interval training where you will be able to gain speed and strength. Membership also enables you to access expert training plans, psychology of sport as well as an exclusive E-book written by Verity.


When do we run?

We run throughout the week in Whiteley and Fareham, see our latest time table and join in the next session.

Ready to Join?

Sign up to any of our monthly packages no joining fee and you can cancel at anytime.