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Some help on How to Achieve Your Goals

I believe the most important part of running is for well being both mentally and physically whilst also having some fun and not taking it all too seriously. Most people have outside factors that can affect putting themselves firstI and research has shown that this is a constant battle for women often saying they feel guilty for spending time away from their family, especially if they work. But you’ve invested time in yourself over the last few weeks and now it’s time to look ahead to how you can keep this momentum going and see what else you can achieve.

  • You’ve written down your goals and what you need to achieve these. Keep sight of why you wanted these goals and believe that you can achieve them

  • Write down what you value in life

  • Talk it through with me, that's what I'm here for, be honest, I may be able to help, if enough people want a later running session I can put one on.

  • Do you need any extra help? Can you speak to your boss/husband/friend to see if they could help you out

  • Change your environment, put your running clothes out ready to get changed into when you get home

  • Put your running session on the calendar, I bet the rest of the families activities are on there, make sure yours are as well, you are just as important.

I have lots of ideas to help overcome the barriers so just ask if you are feeling anxious about anything

My aim is to help you learn how to run, help you improve, to give you advice and show you where you may be going wrong. Running correctly enables you to run more efficiently and therefore the idea is that it becomes easier and less of a chore.