RV Member's Discount at Second Wind Running

We have kindly been given a discount code from Phil Hoy who owns Second Wind Running, these are the instructions to get your discount and please can you not share as per his instructions below.  

"The code is RUNVERITY and should only be used when people enter with RunVerity (or similar) as their team name.  It’s worth 15% of any race.  That’ll more than equate to an affiliated discount- it’s worth about £5 on a marathon!  Just click on the ‘Have Coupon’ on the payment page on the SecondWindRunning payment page and it should all work perfectly.

If anyone enters under their affiliated club name, then that should done as a normal entry, and if they use the code for that, the entry will be cancelled.  It really is for use only when running as RunVerity as shown on the entry/start list.  Please do ask people not to share it around outside your group."

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