How do you stay motivated

Motivation is the foundation of everything that you do when you try to improve or change your lifestyle. Whether that is starting a new diet, starting a new hobby or stopping a bad habit, there has to be something that motivates us to want to change. Change is hard, it takes us out of our comfort zone and that’s not always a easy thing to do. Without motivation, you wouldn't go to the gym in the early morning, you wouldn't put in the time practicing your new diet recipes, and you would give up quickly if your training got too difficult.

Motivation is so important because, although you may love being part of a group and trying something new is exciting, but in all honesty you probably won’t love every moment of being a runner.  Your ability to push through when life gets in the way, maybe you are tired, you’ve have had a bad day at work, the kids have been awake all night, the list goes on, is hard.  Then if you have missed a few runs it’s easy to think that you are rubbish and you’ve missed too much. So how do you stay motivated to just put your trainers on and go?  A few things you can do to keep you motivated is to remember how good running is for you


  1. Running improves cardio-vascular health – reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease
  2. Running improves respiratory function – greater use of oxygen
  3. Running improves lung capacity and lowers blood pressure
  4. Running improves muscle mass so you’ll have fitter, stronger muscles
  5. Running aids weight loss
  6. Running improves psychological well-being and mental health
  7. Running is enjoyable and gives you a sense of achievement
  8. Running can slow and reverse the effects of aging
  9. Running helps you sleep better at night and have more energy in the day

However, with all this in mind sometimes it’s hard to get out of the door as most women juggle jobs, family and housework.  Women tend to think of “me time” as a luxury and when time gets tight, it’s usually the first thing to go. But having enough “me time” is actually a necessity for optimal coping, thriving and surviving. Try not to see running as another chore that has to be done, see it as an investment in you and your children.  You are a primary role model for those around you, children, friends, work colleagues and by showing others and yourself that you make time for you and that you have personal interests show that you value yourself and that you think you are important.

Research shows that women who do not make time for adequate rest, relaxation and personal interests report feeling more stressed that their male counterparts.  And when I talk to male members of RV they never say to me that they feel guilty leaving the house and doing something for themselves, it’s only a conversation I have with female members.

Forming a new habit takes (theoretically) 2 weeks for it to stick, try rewarding yourself every couple of weeks, it could be a new running top, running socks anything that makes you feel good about yourself.

My aim is to help you learn how to run, help you improve, to give you advice and show you where you may be going wrong. Running correctly enables you to run more efficiently and therefore the idea is that it becomes easier and less of a chore.

Running can give you the confidence to achieve things that you never thought you could, it enables you to have time out from day to day life and it keeps happy levels topped up.  


Homework Week 2

Week 2 Homework

RunVerity Session 2

Walk for 2 mins, run for 20 secs, walk for 2 mins, run for 20 secs.  Do this for 20 mins.

To warm up walk briskly to increase the heart rate.  Try to face any fears you may have, this week it is about getting started.

Head out of the front door and repeat session 2