From Monday 10th April there will be 14 weeks until training starts for the Bournemouth Half marathon and 20 weeks until training starts for Gosport Half marathon.  So that there isn't such a huge jump up in mileage which can lead to over training, exhaustion before you even start the plan and most importantly lead to injury, I have a pre plan :)  It is general, everyone is different and it is not set in stone so please use it as a guide and please just ask if you have any questions. The key here is to build up, don't freak when you see 18 miles per week, that is the optimal, a guide, if you don't make it then it's fine there will be different levels of half marathon training plans. Have a look at the race diary and see if there are any races that fit into this plan, or run down to parkrun, there will always be people to run with.


For 8 weeks run 2 runs a week (Bournemouth half people continue 2 runs a week for the next 3 weeks and then follow from 9 weeks) 

Then 3 runs a week from 9-16 weeks

Then build up to 18 miles per week for final 4 weeks before your half marathon training plan starts

Build up to 8 miles long run

Week 1-4      3 miles x twice a week so 6 miles per week and the odd parkrun won't hurt

Week 5-8     4 miles x twice a week so 8 miles per week or Sunday run up to 4/5 miles

Week 9        3 miles  3 miles    4 miles      10 miles a week

Week 10       3 miles  3 miles    4 miles      10 miles a week

Week 11        3 miles  4 miles    4 miles or Womens 10k  11 miles a week

Week 12       3 miles  4 miles    5 miles      12 miles a week

Wekk 13       3 miles  4 miles    6 miles       13 miles a week

Week 14       3 miles  4 miles    4 miles       11 miles a week

Week 15       3 miles 4 miles     5 miles       12 miles a week

Week 16       3 miles 4 miles    6 miles        13 miles a week

Week 17       3 miles 4 miles    7 miles         14 miles a week

Week 18       4 miles  5 miles   6 miles        15 miles a week

Week 19      4 miles   5 miles   8 miles         17 miles a week

Week 20     4 miles  6 miles    8 miles         18 miles a week

“My aim is to help you learn how to run, help you improve, to give you advice and show you where you may be going wrong. Running correctly enables you to run more efficiently and therefore the idea is that it becomes easier and less of a chore.