How do you start running? Here's Jenna's story

At new year I decided I wanted to do something fitness wise this year, but I hate the gym so didn’t know what to do. On 30th January I joined the RV Pre beginners group completely on my own (normally I’d want to join with a friend). On the first night the weather was horrible but I made it out of the door anyway. I joined with the view that I’d do the 4 week course and then just start going out on my own once I’d learned the proper running techniques. I really enjoyed the sessions so signed up for the 8 week beginners course following on from pre beginners. I am already amazed at how much I can run at week 5 and have run 4K twice this week! (We are interval training so there are short walking breaks in between still). I am now thinking about joining the RV running group once the course has finished as I properly have the bug now and have met some really nice people to run with. We have run in all sorts of weather conditions including -4 degrees just before the beast from the east hit! The support and advice given from Verity and her amazing team of coaches is really second to none. We have a beginners section on her website where we get weekly articles and our homework runs and this is so helpful on our running journey. One thing I really like and think stands out about run verity is that it doesn’t matter what your ability is, we run together and never leave anyone behind. Other groups I have heard of separate the fast runners from the slow runners and so on. I honestly cannot praise this group enough and I really look forward to our sessions.

If any of you are thinking about trying something new I really recommend Run Verity, I’ve definitely got the running bug now!