Want to do something to be proud of this year?

The majority of RV members have completed the beginner's running course and now I am happy to say are training for goals that they never thought would be possible when they first started out on their journey or run a minute walk a minute.  We have regulars at local parkruns, members who meet up at the weekend for a training run and now a great team who are training together for their first spring marathon.

If you would like to do something to be proud of this year then sign up to the RunVerity Beginner's running course, the next one starts on 27th February in Whiteley at 7.45pm.  The course is progressive, we start off with a run/walk programme and you are coached on how to run so that you stay motivated and injury free.  The course costs £64 for the 8 weeks and includes online support, coaching advice, training plans and articles to help you progress.