Virtual & Charity RV 5k Run

We are so excited to be doing our 2nd year of charity fund raising for RV members who are running for national charities close to their hearts.  Last year we supported Graham in his place for London Marathon supoorting the RNLI and this year we have 4 RV members running the Great North Run in September 2018 for charity and we are helping them raise funds for the NSPCC, Macmillan Cancer and Crohn’s and Colitis.

There will be a unique RV medal for all finishes and Fresh to Desk will open for refreshments after the run. This event is open to anyone, so bring your friends and family. You can sign up via paypal £10 per adult £5 per child stating your name. Sign up using the link: You don't have to be available on the 15th July to support the RV 5k run; you can enter this run as a virtual run which means
you can run at any location, any time, at any pace, inside on a treadmill or outside in another country! All you have to do is enter this run post a screenshot of evidence that you have done the distance and we'll send you a medal. We will send you a confirmation email as soon as we recieve your donation and send out further details.

Or come along on the day, enjoy a friendly atmosphere with no pressure and receive your bespoke RV medal.

RV Medal 2018.jpg


 I just had to share these photos as they show how important running drills are when performing in a race.  By repeating these fundamental running drills you develop the technical skills needed to perform at your full potential so you move like an athlete regardless of ability. By being able to master the foundations of movements you ensure the longevity, health and ultimately the improvement of speed in any athlete. The above photo has merged 2 RV members who ran at the weekend. The photo shows how they share the same technical skills when in full flight of running.

I just had to share these photos as they show how important running drills are when performing in a race.  By repeating these fundamental running drills you develop the technical skills needed to perform at your full potential so you move like an athlete regardless of ability. By being able to master the foundations of movements you ensure the longevity, health and ultimately the improvement of speed in any athlete. The above photo has merged 2 RV members who ran at the weekend. The photo shows how they share the same technical skills when in full flight of running.

Graham has a 5km PB of 19:37 and Alison has a 5km PB of 33:48

Palma Running Weekend

This weekend is proving to be extremely popular with a wide variety of RV members coming along, some with partners, some on their own so I thought I would just put all the details out there for your info.
The details for registration are here, you have the option of the 10k, half and full marathon and entry is very straight forward. I haven't signed up to the races yet, I will do that soon. You can book into a hotel or apartments via the tourist information office here I know there are some very good AirBNB. Palma is a very condensed city and it is really easy to get around. The start and finish of the race is by the Cathedral so that is a good place to start looking for accomodation.

Jamie and I are travelling out on Friday afternoon and coming back on Monday afternoon, we are travelling from Heathrow with BA and the flights cost £214 in total. There are reasonable flights available via Gatwick and Bournemouth, both airports offer good Friday and Saturday options and there is a late return flight on Sunday night, nothing from Southampton I'm afraid.

It looks like it could be a great weekend but I'm aware that it can be a costly weekend as well. The training will start in July and if you want to do both the GNR and Palma half you need to take both of these very steadily as there is only 5 weeks apart from each race and of course the GSR on the 21st October so a very busy time. 

The plan is very rough at the moment, we have RV members that are making a holiday of it, some people are coming on their own and some just for one night, the travel time from the UK is 2 hours so all very doable.

My thoughts are that because there are so many of us (40 to date) that it would be impossible to all eat together so the plan would be
Friday night drinks only
Saturday RV parkrun 9am, there is a lovely flat out and back route on the seafront that we could run our own 5k
Saturday would be your own time (the race organisers have things planned like pasta party on the Saturday)
Sunday run and a meet up afterwards either going to the organised After Race party or we do our own BBQ on the beach.

If you have any more questions please just ask

Easter Opening Times

Easter Opening for RV

No session Good Friday but 5k charity run at Fresh to Desk, registration from 8.45am. I will be there from 8.45am, it’s not a race its a good local event for everyone with no pressure. Let’s show the local community what RV support is all about.

No sessions Easter Monday

Normal sessions resume on Tuesday

Stretching Class

After the success of the last stretching class Meadowside are happy to put another class on but would like to have EITHER a Monday night OR a Tuesday night.  Both would be just after 8pm so easy to get to after group.  The cost would be £20 for 6 weeks

Please could you email me back your interest and if we have enough numbers we can go ahead with the class again

The snow didn't stop RV members from training

According to research, exercising in the cold can bring you unique benefits, so even if there is snow on the ground there is no excuse to retreat to the sofa.
— The Times - February 2018

RV sessions weren't cancelled last week due to the adverse weather conditions, as a coach, the safety of my athletes is paramount and I made sure that the routes were safe before going ahead with the sessions. There was something quite magical about running in the crisp freshly laid snow with no-one around, no cars on the road and everyone tucked up inside. It doesn't happen very often in the South so I thought I would offer the opportunity to RV members and it wasn't a disappointing run. I adapted Friday morning's session to hill training practise and we went into Whiteley woods and completed sprint hills up the steep hill with a recovery coming back down.

The local parkruns were cancelled as were a lot of running events at the weekend but again we were all very resourceful and made our own weekend runs.

5 Components of Fitness

Running is mult-dimensional and so often our runs are never the same scenario again, this can prove to be quite difficult at times and finding a way to succeed can be quite exhausting and deflating at times.

The plans I produce are generic and are not tailored to you individually so you need to work them into your life, the basic principles remain the same, for example what a good base mileage should be before you start a training plan for a specific race and what the minimum mileage should be.  These guidelines and they are only guidelines, are there to help you stay injury free and help you succeed.

We all have a training age, and this refers to the number of years you have been training ie running. Some of you may be extremely young in training years even though your chronological age is older.  But don’t worry, years of training in other sports can also be relevant here, e.g. the aerobic development gained from time training on a bike.

If you enter running in more advanced years we often have to re-visit some training fundamentals before moving onto more advanced training plans, you have to master the foundations to ensure longevity, health and overall improvement in your performance, you have to slow down sometimes to get quicker.

There are five basic components of fitness

Endurance Building up a good solid base of mileage, like the base building blocks of a house, solid foundations

Speed The basic principles involved in developing speed so that you can improve your overall quickness and agility.  T

Strength Strength training is important both physically and psychologically.  Exercises typically using bodyweight or very light resistance such as push-ups, pull ups, walking lunges etc. help you become more powerful in your running.

Flexibility Flexibility is the ability to perform joint actions through a wide range of motion. Injuries can occur when a limb or muscle is forced beyond its normal limits. 

Coordination Coordination is the ability to carry out complicated movements such as those involving more than one sequence or body part at the same time. Encouraging good running techniques helps coordinate the body to work in symmetry, if 50% of your body is trying to stabilize itself it isn’t putting 100% energy into where it should be going.

Life gets in the way sometimes and just trying to fit one run in a week is a challenge, but the RV sessions are very much geared up to address all of the above components and if you can fit in a Pilates or Yoga session you will certainly see the benefits.

Closed Shop Event at Alexandra Sport

On Friday 2nd February RV members have been invited to a closed shop event at Alexandra Sports.  They are going to provide a talk on what to look for when buying trainers and are offering a 15% discount to any purchases made.

If you would like an assessment before you buy any trainers, please let me know as spaces are limited, you can however come along to the evening and book an assessment at a later date and still get your 15% off.  The start time is 6.30pm with the talk beginning at 6.45pm, nibbles and drinks will be provided.


Accident and Incident Policy

Guidelines for Dealing with Accidents and Emergencies for RV Coaches/Run Leaders and RV members.


During outdoor running sessions, it is recognised that in spite of all reasonable precautions accidents can still occur during activities. Especially when running in a tight group and in the dark.  As such, the following policy and procedures are designed to:


Provide fast, safe and effective help to all concerned;

To supply RunVerity and UKA with the specific information it needs and

To protect:

The individual(s) concerned;

            The RV Run Leader and



Safety Advice for RV Members/Coaches/Run Leaders


RunVerity members


Please can RunVerity members inform RV Coaches and Run Leaders of any issues that they feel may impact on the group run before the run.


Static Hazards


It is a good idea to call to the runners behind you about any hazards coming up, as you may be obstructing their view of the way ahead. Just calling, for example, a warning of any roots, holes, sticks, steps, logs, low branches, to watch your head on the bridge, sign posts, lamp posts, cars on the pavement, ice, slippery surfaces, or even just exclaiming “bollards!” may save someone from a nasty accident.

Moving hazards

When you hear or see a vehicle, bike or horse or person on the same road or path as runners, call to your fellow runners to make them aware. Also, calling “keep right” may help.

Horses with riders: the front runner should ask the rider if it is safe to run past and the other runners should take their cue from him/her. If in doubt, walk.

Take care when crossing roads.

Do not follow fellow runners into the path of moving vehicles. The person in front of you may be thinking only of their own safety and not yours.

Darkness: be seen – wear reflective clothing, bands or jackets.

Avoid running in the road.

Run in well-lit areas with footpaths.

Make sure you have ICE (in case of emergency on you)

Keep right when running

RunVerity Run Leaders


RV run leaders must recognise that the reporting of all Near Miss occurrences is also vital for the future safety of all individuals; as such information helps others to plan and prepare in order to avoid possible dangers.


RV run leaders must also be aware of the legal obligation to record all injuries or accidents.




Every reasonable action must be taken to ensure the safety of runners, members of the public and run leaders whilst carrying out running sessions


Whilst attending one of our run sessions runners, whilst they are adults and responsible for their own actions, it is the run leaders and the coaches who are responsible for the health and safety of the RV members.  Accidents and injuries should be minimised by carrying out standard RV procedures in accordance with UKA and ensuring that


Runners are shown the correct running techniques

Carry out regular risk assessments on the running routes and act on those assessments by informing runners to move away from the risk

Always carry a mobile phone

















Accident and Incident Procedures for Coaches, Run Leaders and Members


Remain calm – walk to the injured person

Evaluate the situation while approaching

Maintain your own safety

Protect the casualty and other people from further risk

Remove other runners from around the injured party

Give reassurance and comfort to the injured runner

The Coach/Run Leader will normally handle the incident after assessing the casualty and taking the necessary actions that benefits the situation by following these guidelines


1.     Minor injury will be dealt with and the casualty will probably be able to return to training

2.     Injuries that prevent the casualty from continuing training will be re-assessed and treated within the clinical ability of the Coach/Run Leader

3.     If the injury is beyond the capability of the instructor or it is deemed the casualty require hospitalisation, then 999 will be called for the Emergency Services to attend and transport the casualty to hospital

4.     Instruct a RV member to continue running in a loop whilst the casualty is assessed.

5.     If the casualty is deemed unfit to continue with the session but not injured enough to call emergency services, they must be walked back to the car park; their emergency contact person contacted if unable to drive. The rest of the group will continue to loop back to the injured party.

6.     Discontinuing of the session will be a judgement call after an assessment of the incident and action required i.e. if emergency services need to be called.



If several people are injured, deal with those who will benefit most from immediate treatment

Watch out for shock

If hospital treatment may be needed do not give the casualty food or drinks

If in doubt, call for appropriately qualified assistance giving clear and accurate information about the incident.

If the accident occurred outside, keep the injured party warm

Do not transport the injured in your own car

Advise the emergency services of any declared/advised medical conditions of the runner


Incident Reporting


It is important that all accidents, injuries or dangerous occurrences are reported by the quickest and practicable means.


A factual report, including any statements taken, should be forward to Verity using the Accident & Emergency Report Form (available on request) no later than 24 hours after the incident.






RunVerity End of Year Newsletter

As RunVerity approaches the end of the year I wanted to share with you all the latest news and events and tell you what's happening in 2018.  

RunVerity started in September 2014 with just an email address and a very dodgy website, my dream was to teach people how to run, I'd been organising the annual beginner's running course with a local club and had become their point of contact and I spent about 3 years talking to people and encouraging them to come onto the club's course.  This role was completely voluntary and I saw that there was a gap in the market of providing more beginner's running courses more than once a year.  I started with a twice weekly course and had 7 people turned up and I loved it. And more importantly word spread around Whiteley about my course and soon people where asking when the next one was and they still are, in over 3 years I have filled up every 8 week course to date, I must have taught over a 1'000 people how to run now.

On completion of the beginner's course I assumed people would join a local running club but they wanted to stay with me so slowly I started introducing a couple of nights a week where I could give people the opportunity to run with me for an hour or so a couple of times a week.  I had a great format of warming up, completing running drills to ensure that the skills taught in the beginner's course were built upon and we ran for a minimum of 3 miles in that 45 mins.  I introduced the looping system as I had been taught this on a coaching course and word soon got round that RunVerity was a safe and supportive environment where you were encouraged and coached so that you could progress as a runner.

From these early days I have watched runners who started out on the beginner's course turn into brilliant and competent runners, turning their doubts about 5k's into the realities of training for distances that they thought would never be possible. And that's why I feel that 2017 has been so significant to RunVerity members.  Not only has everyone learnt how to run safely and effeciently we have discovered that there is something quite powerful about running in a pack, you can be part of a group and not say a word.  We all realise that everyone has to start somewhere and the suppor that we give each beginner who graduates is the envy of local clubs around, we set those clear expectations when we become running buddies on week 7 and 8 of the beginner's course.  We talk about what RunVerity membership means and this is communicated constantly.  We never cancel a session! In over 3 years there has always been at least one person show up, rain, shine, snow or that one perfect day of the year when the conditons are just right ;)

People show up at a RV session feeling nervous; whether they have just graduated or are trying us out for the first time, and most people don't have a bad run and they surprise themselves and come back as they want to be part of something special.  We have over 130 active members of RunVerity and it is growing weekly, local races have cottoned on to the fact that we can get over 70 runners at a local event, this is proportionally the largest turnout for any local club.

The most important part of being an RV member is that regardless of your ability, everyone is together at the end, whether this is a race or a weekend run, we get together and cheer each other in or have coffee and cake, we still together, chat together and support one another.

So that was 2017, what's in store for 2018

Deliah has now been with me for a year and it has been a pleasure to work beside her, her passion and committment for running has been one of the reasons RV has been so successful this year.  I am delighted to say that Helen Fritzgerald and Emily Giles have now joined the RV team, Helen is helping out with the beginner courses and Emily is leading the Pre-Beginner's Course.  The pre-beginner's course is a new ventrue, this 4 week introduction into running is to help people over come the barrier of a big group setting by providing a quieter environment and encourage people who haven't exercised for years to get to 1 minute continuous running so that they can make the transition to the beginner's course.  We started with 6 new people and this will continue in the New Year.

I now have 3 RV online members who live in different parts of the UK.  Jo (my aunt) is in Yorkshire and is training for the GNR next September, Evie is in Aylesbury and is training for Brighton Half in February and Dave is in Fleet who has just signed up to Palma half and we will meet him at Stubbington 10k.  I am hoping to develop this side of my coaching as it seems to be working well, online members have access to the website, FB group and Strava so I can keep an eye on their progress.

We now have a race of the month which is working well, the distances vary so everyone can be part of this.  We have 5 runners running Paris marathon in April and 2 runners running Brighton Marathon, also in April, so there will be plenty of long runs each weekend. 

Here are the details for the upcoming Race of the Month.

January Stubbington 10k


Running in Hampshire, Stubbington, Fareham, Locks Heath, Whiteley

February Portsmouth Half Marathon

Portsmouth Coastal Half Marathon 2018 - Believe and Achieve

Portsmouth Coastal Half Marathon Sunday 4th February 2018. 09.30am "I LOVE THE MUDDY BEACH" RESULTS LIST Welcome to the official page for the Portsmouth Coastal Half Marathon 2017 raising money for the Portsmouth RNLI. If you like to run something slightly different then this is for you.

March Eastleigh 10k

Hendy 10K | Running Mania

Hendy Eastleigh dealership is again proudly sponsoring the Eastleigh 10k which celebrates its 34th anniversary in March 2018 and Hendy Group managing director Paul Hendy said he was delighted to join forces with one of the most well established running events in the region.

April Southampton 10k/Half marathon

ABP Marathon - SIGN UP FOR 2018 | ABP Southampton Marathon, Half & 10k

Welcome to ABP Southampton Marathon! This fantastic event offers runners the choice of either a Marathon, Half or 10km race, along closed roads through the heart of Southampton.

May Milton Keynes Marathon Relay

MK Marathon Weekend - Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Marathon - Half Marathon - Relay Challenge - Superhero Fun Run - Rocket 5K

June TBC

July Wyvern 10k

Wyvern 10k

Wyvern 10k, Fair Oak, Hampshire. 423 likes. 10th July 2016 a fast flat road race in the Hampshire countryside

August TBC

September New Forest Half

New Forest Marathon | 7 Races | 1 Day | 1 Stunning Setting...

The New Forest Marathon has been the cornerstone of Hampshire running calendar for the past 32 years, raising over £1.25 million for local good causes.

October GSR

Simplyhealth Great South Run - 10 miles, running event in Southsea, Portsmouth

The Simplyhealth Great South Run in Portsmouth and Southsea is the world's leading 10 mile running event, which takes thousands of runners around a flat 10 mile route with beautiful views across the Solent.

November Gosport Half

Race Information | Gosport Half Marathon

Gosport Road Runners hope you had an enjoyable race and hope to see you again on the 18th November 2018

December Twixmas Details to follow

And don't forget we have a graduation parkrun every 8 weeks at Fareham parkrun and I do plan to start travelling around to different parkruns every few months, this will be after April, so we have an opportunity to try other parkruns out.

I will continue developing the website and will continue writing my coaching articles, I now write monthly articles for a publishing company so RV is getting well known around the country.  I plan on producing more videos so that you have access to warm ups, cool downs and some basic drills, if there is anything specific that you would like me to do then just let me know.

There are some great opportunities next year to travel to different parts of the world to run abroad, the plan to date is Paris, Newcastle and Palma.  If these are successful we will continue with these so don't worry if family life gets in the way, there should be plenty of opportunities in the upcoming years.

Last year we had an opportunity to have a RV pilates group and I am looking at putting a yoga for runners session on in the Spring so let me know if this is something that you would be interested in.

We still have the Good for Age group, for those of you who don't know what this is, it's a support group for ladies that may be experiencing menopause symptoms or for people who are interested in what the transition into the menopause may be like, there is a wealth of experience in the group so it's really worth contacting me if you would like to find out more.    

So it just leaves me to say thank you for the most amazing year ever where RunVerity has really been put on the map in Hampshire and here's to a wonderful 2018.




Weekend Runs coming up

We have a group running on Saturday morning the 2nd December, leaving the Solent Hotel at 8am and aiming to be back by 10am.  It is an out and back route so come and join us for all of it or part of it. We will be heading up towards Yew Tree Drive, left towards the station, up towards Cams Palace, down Hunts Pond Road, along towards Titchfield and heading out towards Stubbington, we will turn around after an hour and heading back.

There is also a group run on Sunday 10th December at Queen Elizabeth Country Park, meeting at 9am and running along the trails of the South Downs, we will aim to finish at 11am for tea and cake in the cafe.  If you would like to come to either of these them text me on 07725887918


Christmas Party 8th December

The RV Christmas Party is on the 8th December at Locks Heath Social Club on Duncan Road in Parkgate.  It's starts at 7.30pm and costs £10 per person and partners are welcome, we have an amazing live band so should be really good fun.  I have started a food list for us all to bring a dish to keep costs down, please put your name next to a dish you would like to bring and if you would like to add anything please do so.

There are plenty of spaces left all you need to do is pay your money into this account Sort Code 40 47 80, account number 45162203 (please note this is a separate account from the usual one).


Food Sign up (1).xlsx

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