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Welcome to Week 2 

HOW TO BREATHE PROPERLY WHEN RUNNING. One of the first questions I receive from new runners is how to breather properly whilst running; Don't worry it can be fixed quite easily. 

The most common causes of being out of breath, and sometimes this can cause serious pain and/or panic, is that you can be running too fast and too soon,

  • Make sure to take the time to properly warm up by walking briskly for 3-5 minutes.  This will allow your respiration to gradually increase and your diaphragm to adjust to more vigorous breathing as well as allowing the nerves to calm down.
  • Start out slowly when you run allow your respiration to continue to increase more gradually and make sure you add the short walk breaks that I set for homework and in our sessions as this allows you a brief moment to recover and allows your breathing the time to catch up. Do your walk break intervals before you become breathless so don't get too tied to the watch, listen to your body. 
  • Once you’ve slowed your pace, breathing becomes like dancing and you get into a nice rhythm, your runs will be more enjoyable and trust me your body will progress faster.
  • When running your oxygen consumption increases.  Breath through your mouth and nose to get enough air.  You can get a lot more air breathing through the mouth as the opening in the back of the throat is almost ten times larger than your nose. 
  • Like any muscle, it will take time to strengthen your breathing muscles so be patient.
  • Lastly, make sure to avoid fatty foods or large meals right before your run.  Give yourself two hours to digest that meal before you run.  Having a full stomach or heavy, fatty foods can play havoc on your stomach and diaphragm as you begin to breath and bounce. 
My aim is to help you learn how to run, help you improve, to give you advice and show you where you may be going wrong. Running correctly enables you to run more efficiently and therefore the idea is that it becomes easier and less of a chore.

Remember what I said last night, relax, shoulders back and head up as this will aid your breathing as it should be as relaxed as possilbe.

Try not to tense up as this can cause you to hyperventilate, and when we tense the muscles that assist breathing get tight, causing you to breathe in shallow, quick breaths and running doesn't then become enjoyable.

Homework Week 2

RunVerity Session 2 was 60 secs of running to start off with then 60 secs walking.  We increased to 2 mins running with 60 secs walking for a total of 25 mins.

To warm up walk briskly to increase the heart rate.  Relax and slow down and walk before your breathing becomes too rapid.

Head out of the front door and travel for 10 mins, walk/run when you want before turning round and coming back