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Welcome to Week 1



The course is based on slow progression and learning how to run correctly and efficiently, there is not any focus on speed, you will get stronger and fitter each week as you decrease the amount of time you walk and increase the amount of time you run.  Getting into good habits and getting out once more each will really help with your progression, but please do not compare yourself with others around you, we are all different and there are lots of outside factors like diet, stress and sleep that can have an effect on your running.  Running is an art and a science and part of the fun is learning what works for you, what makes you feel good and sometimes what makes your run feel awful.  Look at running like a recipe, see what you can add in and take away that makes a difference. What did I eat before I ran, have I drunk enough water, did I sleep last night, it won't be long before you know what works and what doesn't.

Why you should walk...

I am giving you permission to walk and to be a beginner.  If you haven't exercised for a whilte, it is important that you get into the regular habit of exercising and develop your fitness, you need to give your bones, muscles and tendons the foundations they will need to becoming a runner without injury.  This is achieved by putting walk breaks into your running, walking is not cheating or quitting, it is vital as doing too much too soon could result in you not finishing the course.  Walking puts the body throught the same range of motion as running, but with less stress impact on the hips, knees and ankles, you may not be moving as fast but walking builds a good infrastructue for running, especially when combined with the correct posture and techniques we learnt last night.  Taking a walk break makes a difference to your running, it may be the difference between you going out for 10mins or 20mins as you are giving the body chance to recover and then go again. This will give you confidence as you build up your endurance and hopefully enable you to enjoy running a bit more. And if anyone sees you out walking, they don't know that you haven't just finished a 20 mile training run!


My aim is to help you learn how to run, help you improve, to give you advice and show you where you may be going wrong. Running correctly enables you to run more efficiently and therefore the idea is that it becomes easier and less of a chore.

Running can give you the confidence to achieve things that you never thought you could, it enables you to have time out from day to day life and it keeps happy levels topped up.  However, it is also hard work and some days over the next 8 weeks you may find it hard to get out of the front door, you may have had a bad run and your confidence has been knocked, but keep at it, trust me we all have bad runs.

Remember what I said last night, slow it down, focus on your posture and if you can't talk you are going too fast.

Homework Week 1

Week 1 Homework

RunVerity Session 1 was 60 secs of running with 60 secs walking for 20 mins.

To warm up walk briskly to increase the heart rate.  Try to face any fears you may have, this week it is about getting started.

Head out of the front door and run for 60 secs, walk for 60 secs and repeat this for 20 mins.