10k Training Plans

There are 3 training plans for the 10k which are at the bottom of this page, plan 1 is for members who have just started running, are looking at completing their first 10k and they can only train twice a week. Plan two is a 3 times a week plan with an aim to getting in under the hour and plan 2 is a 4 times a week plan aimed at getting sub 45 minutes. These plans are dated with Southampton 10k in mind which is on April 22nd 2018 but they can be used for any upcoming 10k

Base Training When you construct a house, you start with the base and build on that, the same is true of running, first build the base of aerobic endurance, slowly increase the mileage, recover and rebuild your miles. My advice is to build your weekly mileage by no more than 10% each week, and the majority of the plan has this increase. There may be times when even a 10% increase proves too much so use it as a guideline and not a rule.

Over Training If you over stress your body it will break down, you will lose your good running form and you could get injured. As your fitness improves your body will adapt to handle the training load and you will soon learn to feel when you have over done it…so listen to your body. Avoid the terrible too’s…doing too much, too soon and too fast is the number one cause of running injuries. If you rush the process you could break down rather than build up. The body needs time to adapt..see below

Recovery Make sure you recover, don’t do too much too soon ;) make sure you have rest days. Eat well and eat for the run you are going to do so that you get optimal results from the run, don’t skip meals, try and eat carbs before a run and protein after the run.

Consistency Consistency is key to successful running, run when it’s hot or cold, when you are high or low. Small amounts of training on a regular basis is better than sporadic running followed by days of inactivity. If you run consistently you will grow stronger and stronger.

Patience Success is measured in months and years, not days and weeks, with experience you will become a wiser runner, each day you put more miles in the bank you build for the future. You need to experience important lessons so you can learn from every run that you do, no matter how far or how fast you go.

Get good shoes Your goal should be to find a shoe that offers the best support and fit for you and you should replace your shoes every 300-500 miles so note the date that you bought your shoes. Always visit a specialist running shop.

This 7 week plan is a basic twice a week plan if you have just started running and are looking to complete a 10k within the next 8 weeks so either Wyvern 10k or a Race for Life in July.  These plans would also be good for the Hayling Billy 5 or Gravel Hill 5 as well. The plans have been designed so that you increase your mileage comfortably with a view to building up a good solid base of endurance that can be used as a springboard for either more 10k's, the Great South Run or half marathons in the Autumn/Winter.  Once your first 10k is complete and you are comfortable running 5/6 miles at a time you can move up to running 3 times a week.  Remember you are all individuals and the plans are generic so just ask if they don't fit with your lifestyle or if you feel you could do more, I am always happy to help so just ask me.


I have added a 12 week plan for those of you who wish to do the New Forest 10k on September 9th.  It's a lovely run and again a good base if you would like to do the GSR in October. 

7 week Basic 10k Plan 2018.xlsx

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NF 10k training plan.xlsx

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